To whom it may concern,

We are proud to be investors with Moss Investments, and highly recommend this company to family, friends, and many other interested investors.

With over 50 years of experience, Fred Moss (owner) has taught us so much about land investments. We are pleased with the quality of service Moss Investments provides. Fred is very knowledgeable and helpful in satisfying his clients. He even goes the extra mile to keep us informed on current growth, progress reports and statistics for future profits of land investments.

With over 50 years of experience, his success is a great example of why everyone should invest in land. People need land, whether for business or personal use. We should all take advantage of this opportunity! Investing in land is a simple way to acquire safe profits. Especially with our current economy status.

My family and I were looking for land investment product to prepare us for our retirement. Mr. Moss shared with us his very own profitable results and other investors as well.

In conclusion, We are satisfied with our investment and are looking forward to a personal and financial growth in the near future.

Milton S.

Dear Mr. Moss,

I received the latest Land Investment News that you send regularly and I see so much developments are happening within and around the area of the property that I bought from you in Lancaster.

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for the chance you've given me to make this investment possible. Who knew that making one official phone call to your office would blossom to something personally wonderful as this? I still remember how hesitant I was then thinking that I could not afford any real estate investment with my minimum income but you came up with the most practical payment scheme and now I know that day we sat down in your office was a blessed one for me. Now my resources have improved and we may have to talk and look into another investment in the near future.

Once again, thank you for the opportunity, the possibility and the friendly business relationship. God bless and more power to you.

Very truly yours,
Concepcion F.


Dear Fred,


That is something until now is hard for me to comprehend.

Working now and then in my father's garage, I wouldn't dare to think as what a break you gave me on a parcel of land with $30,000.00 down payment and $900.00 monthly payments.

The acreage you put me into is constantly growing. Our friend, the Ryan's are also very pleased with the land they acquired from you.

Thank you so much.

Mike C.
Dear Fred,

On my trip to California, I was amazed with the profits being made on California low priced acreage. Residing halfway around the globe in Ireland, I was glad getting a break on the parcel of land from you. As you will recall, my sister Margaret had little intention of investing in low priced acreage land, but the break you gave her at the time was too good to turn down.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for the break you gave me when I was talking to you about purchasing the land. It is even more clear to me now that I would not have been able to purchase and invest in such a promising venture were it not for meeting you.

With this in mind, I want to mention that I will be extremely happy to recommend you to my friends and colleagues. I look forward to hearing their stories of your courtesy and friendship that you have so often shown to my sister and me.

With kind regards,
Jerry O.




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